Bassoon Lessons


Q: What do you call a bassoonist with just one reed?

A: A hopeless optimist. 

The question I'm asked the most is, "How often and how long should lessons be?"  While ultimately you know what is best for your student, I strongly recommend one 60 minute lesson per week.  60 minute bassoon lessons allow enough time to cover fundamentals of instrument technique, basic music theory, and injury prevention methods.  Fundamentals including scales, breathing, and posture form the foundation upon which mastery is developed, and as such are the core elements of my teaching.  In addition, students will study etudes and solo repertoire that advance technique and inspire artistry.  Lessons are taught in my studio in Northfield, MN.  In home lessons are also available in Rochester, MN. 

Lessons rates are on a sliding scale - Suggested one hour lesson rate: $65